Bachelor Degree

Attention, care and responsibility towards our students are the first commitments of the Fondazione Campus, always providing the necessary skills and knowledge to immediately access the world of work in a competitive manner.

Interdisciplinary perspective of contents and methods, conjunction between learning and learning how to do are the guidelines for the educational course created to train qualified figures in the various areas of tourism. The study program, which foresees subjects in the humanities and an in depth study in the areas of economics, law and management, is sustained by a period of internships in important entities in the field of tourism, where students can put into practice the skills acquired during the course.

The Degree Course Academic Board President is Professor Alessandro Tosi of the University of Pise.


Fondazione Campus is always committed to forming new Tourism professionals, in light of the profound evolutions in a continuously growing and developing sector.

The Three-year Bachelor Degree Course allows the acquisition of the useful skills to become:

  • Hotel Manager
  • Hospitality business technician
  • Tour guide
  • Travel courier
  • Nature guide
  • Travel agency technical manager
  • Travel agent
  • Tour Operator Specialist
  • Consultant for the promotion of tourism
  • Cultural event, fair, exposition, conference and reception organiser
  • Entertainment coordinator
  • Museum technician
  • Communication and tourism marketing technician
  • Restaurant and banqueting services manager
  • Reservation coordinator
  • Business promoter
  • Spa Manager
  • Social Media Manager


1st YEAR

Statistics in tourism6
Geography of Tourism6
Tourism legislationPublic legislation in tourism
Elements of private legislation in tourism
Culture of travel and ethics of tourismCulture of travel
Ethics and philosophy of tourism
Institutions of art history and elements of IT for cultural heritageInstitutions of art history
Elements of IT for tourism
Contemporary history6
English language for Tourism 16

2nd YEAR

Economics of tourism business6
English language for Tourism 26
Sociology and anthropology of tourismAnthropology of tourism
Sociology of tourism
History of media and performing artsCinema, photografy and TV
Art and history of drama
Modern art history and new technologies for cultural heritageIT applied to tourism
Modern art history
Economics of transport and mobility of tourism6
Optional language examFrench language for tourism
German language for tourism

3rd YEAR

Architecture of the landscape6
Museum studies for tourism6
Financial accounting for tourism6
Political economics for tourism and territorial MarketingTourism Strategy
Political economics for tourism
Optional examTourism Policies
World Tourism Institutions
Student choice activities12
Final exam3
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