Placement and Career Service


The training courses of Fondazione Campus offer, in addition to a sound cultural preparation, the possibility of a professional experience, thus allowing students to come in contact with the labour market and make their own curriculum vitae more competitive already while attending University.

The internal Career Service offers career guidance, vocational training and support services to help students find curricular and non-curricular internships as first job experiences in Italy and abroad. Thanks to this constant commitment to remain up-to-date and informed on the professional needs of the labour market and on the aspirations of each student, the University courses of Fondazione Campus show extremely high job placement rates:

  • 85,1%of placements within 6 months of completion of the Bachelor’s degree course
  • 91%of placement within 6 months of completion of the Master’s degree course
  • 82%of placement within 6 months of completion of the post-diploma course of the MADE School



The Fondazione Campus Career Service Office, established in 2004, is at the disposal of all the Foundation’s educational activities that foresee or require internships at businesses, public entities and organizations in the tertiary sector. In addition to this and with thanks to a portfolio of over 635 agreements, the Career Service matches request and work offers through placement activities which have become increasingly substantial and successful through the years.

Most activities carried out by the Career Service Office involves students and graduates from the Tourism degree courses at the Campus of Lucca Find out more on the services offered by the Career Service Office.



Fondazione Campus is proud member of Network HOSCO



Fondazione Campus supplies its students with the tools necessary to orient themselves in the professional world of tourism, offering a concrete support during the transition from university to the job, and helping in the selection of a profession and the path of professional growth through a series of activities and initiatives, such as:

  • scheduling of individual interviews with the student for providing guidance in the selection of the internship and the first employment;
  • gathering internship requests;
  • permanent contact with businesses and institutions to gather and examine the training proposal;
  • simulation of work interviews in both Italian and English;
  • organisation of professional workshops and meetings with professionals from the leading tourism companies;
  • #careerracconta: the graduates of the Fondazione Campus, holding leading work positions in tourism, relate their experiences to first year students;
  • #careerscopre: the students from the Master’s Degree Program have the opportunity to visit and get to know some of the affiliated companies.


Opening hours to the public:
Monday – Thursday 14.15-17.00
Tuesday – Wednesday – Friday 10.00-12.30
By appointment only.
It is possible to contact the staff by phone or e-mail.
Tel. 0583-333420 (int. 3)
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