About us

Prof. Salvatore Veca, President of Fondazione Campus:

A warm welcome to our Foundation’s website. I wish all our visitors to feel at home here. I must confess that our house is both complicated to manage and simple in its basic design.

It is complicated because there are many training and research activities running concurrently which involve an increasing number of people, committed and diverse, who choose to undertake our study offer.

The Fondazione Campus has been involved for some time now in offering degree courses in tourism sciences, run in conjunction with the University of Pisa, of Pavia and Italian Switzerland.

It has an established reputation in the field of advanced Management and Business Administration training. It promotes the activities of a corporate university, the Kedrion School. Moreover, it is also involved in other schools, dealing with languages and local territorial knowledge, engineering and architecture, conservation and promotion of cultural heritage.

The Fondazione Campus has recently opened a Study and Research Centre, focusing on the varied disciplines and problems in the field of tourism, to promote a more civilised, modern and advanced approach.

This wealth of activities is held together by a simple basic design: it is the formula of the university campus which places the students at its centre, caring and nurturing them, be they young people enroled on a degree course or professionals and managers studying at one of the Schools.

Those who study and those who teach at our foundation, those who are starting out on their academic career or those who undertake research are integral members of our academic community, which distinguishes itself through its reliability and its willingness to adopt the latest theories and practices.

Multas per gentes is our motto. And the most appropriate expression of my welcome.