Erasmus is the most widely known European program for international cooperation in the field of education and allows for the integration of the academic curriculum with a period of study in another foreign university within the European Union.

During this period abroad, it is possible to attend lessons and take exams in one’s own Degree course, in addition to living a new cultural experience which allows to perfect one’s knowledge of another language and meet young people from other countries in a stimulating and cosmopolitan environment.

The announcement for the participation in the Erasmus Program for the academic year 2013/2014 is available. The deadline for applying is April 15, 2013 on first assignment, October 18, 2013 on second assignment.

For information on the procedure click here.

It is possible to download here the useful documents for participating in the Erasmus Program:



Erasmus Placement promotes the activation of training at businesses or training and research centres in one of the European countries participating in the Program.

Training allows students to acquire specific skills and a better comprehension of the social-economic culture of the hosting country, to develop one’s own capability to adapt to the global work market and to perfect one’s linguistic knowledge, to form future qualified, open professionals, with international experience.

The announcement to participate in the Erasmus Program for the academic year 2013/2014 is available. The deadline for the presentation of the application is April 15, 2013 on first assignment, October 18, 2013 on second assignment.

It is possible to download all the documents necessary to participate in the Erasmus Placement Program:



Students from EU Universities which participate in the Erasmus Project can choose the Fondazione Campus to fulfill their experience abroad and attend lessons in the Tourism Degree Course.

In the selection of subjects and the period of study in Italy, it is necessary to consider the following information:

For information on the procedure click here or visit the website



Convinced of the importance of the continuous exchange between countries, cultures and different languages, the Fondazione Campus, in addition to encouraging the international mobility of its students, welcomes every year foreign students who wish to enroll in the Three-year Bachelor Degree and Master’s Course.

To enroll, EU citizens and non-EU citizens who are legal visa holders in Italy must follow the same enrollment procedures as Italian citizens.

Non-EU citizens residing abroad must present the application for pre-enrollment to the Italian diplomatic representative assigned to the territory by the established deadline for each academic year by a specific ministerial circular. The deadline for the academic year, 2013/2014 is set for June 21, 2013.

Once the application for pre-enrollment is accepted, the candidates will receive a Student Visa, with which they can come to Italy to take a mandatory Italian language test, which for the academic year 2013/2014 will take place on September 3, 2013.

After having passed the Italian language test, the candidates can proceed with registration at the Welcome Desk for International Students (Via Buonarroti 4, Pisa).

For the complete procedure please visit the University of Pisa website.



Thanks to the Marco Polo Program, created to encourage the exchange between Italian and Chinese Universities, Chinese students can obtain a Student Visa and attend a B1 level Italian language course at the University of Pisa for at least six months. Once the course has been completed successfully they can then proceed to register in the Tourism Degree Course of the Fondazione Campus.

For additional information visit the University of Pisa website.

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