3rd IASA International Symposium

The Campus Language School is pleased to host the 3rd IASA International Symposium in Italy, which will be held in Lucca at Fondazione Campus in May 2021.

The Italian American Studies Association (IASA) is dedicated to the interdisciplinary study of the culture, history, literature, sociology, psychology, demography, folklore and politics of Italians in America. Since it was founded, IASA has driven forward this objective by publishing over 30 volumes of the papers presented at their annual meetings.

This symposium is dedicated to the theme of Diaspora: “Italians: one Diaspora, many Diasporas. Manifestations and Dynamics of Cultural Change”.

The dispersion of communities of people physically displaced from their perceived ‘homeland’ has been a defining feature of the human experience. Commonly referred to as Diasporas, these groups have travelled to other lands for reasons including to escape persecution, seek a better life, and exploit economic opportunities. Some have defined Diaspora in terms of what it is not – not from “here,” not “at home,” not “rooted.” This approach is consistent with the way modern–that is, privileged–subjectivity is primed to understand identity in terms of how it differs from an ‘Other.’ Theorization on cultural exchange has moved from Marie Louise Pratt’s “contact zone” (1992), mainly understood spatially, to Homi Bhabha’s “third space” (1994) where the meeting between two cultures takes place. More recently, Doreen Massey (2005) conceives spaces as the site of a continuously developing intersection of different trajectories, human and non-human, which is “open, multiple and relational, unfinished and always becoming.”

This symposium aims to consider how members of displaced groups relate to identity markers such as race, ethnicity, nationality, language, religion, and other socio-cultural categories, having regard to the impact of globalization, connectivity, and mobility. If the language of difference, binary categories of here/there, and other features of customary understandings of diaspora are no longer appropriate, then scholars need new approaches for conceptualizing, theorizing, representing, and interacting with Diasporas.

Read here the Iasa Conference Keynote abstract of Professor Enrica Lemmi.

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There are two hotels in Lucca offering special rates to guests attending the conference. To benefit from the special rates please enter the code “IASA Congress Fondazione Campus” when booking. 

Hotel San Luca Palace ****s – Via San Paolino, 103 55100 LUCCA

www.sanlucapalace.com email: info@sanlucapalace.com Phone +39 0583 317446 Special rates for IASA Symposium

  • Single room Euro 110,00
  • Double room for single use Euro 140,00
  • Double room Euro 170,00

Hotel La Luna***s – Via Fillungo, Corte Compagni, 12 55100 Lucca

www.hotellaluna.it  email: info@hotellaluna.it Phone +39 0583 493634 Special rates for IASA Symposium

  • Double room Superior Euro 120,00
  • Double room for single use Superior Euro 105,00 
  • Single room Comfort Euro 90,00

* extra bed: Euro 30,00 per person per night


Car with driver:

  • From Pisa Airport Euro 65,00 per person
  • From Florence Airport Euro 130,00 per person

Depending on times of arrival, guests could travel together reducing the price per person. 

Public transport is available from both airports.


The Campus Language School would like to offer special rates for full immersion Italian courses to those attending the 3rd IASA International Symposium: 

  • Individual Italian language course: Euro 35,00 an hour (tax included). The course is a minimum of 10 hours.
  • Mini Group Italian language course (4 students maximum): Euro 210,00 per person (tax included) The course is a minimum of 12 hours, conducted over three days with 4 hours of lessons a day (3 hours in the classroom + 1 hour lunch with the teacher)