Fondazione Campus

The Fondazione

The Fondazione Campus was founded 15 years ago with the idea of establishing university activities in the field of tourism and a professional school for managers in the city of Lucca.

Today, with an ever growing commitment, the Fondazione Campus continues to single out its field of action and interest in the areas of Tourism and the Territory and Management and Business, involving itself in research, university and advanced education through bachelor and Masters degree courses in Tourism, the Kedrion School, the Study and Research Center and the Language School. A modern Career Service office sees to the needs of the Campus students in connection with training and placement. Uniting all these activities is the educational method which the Fondazione Campus has chosen to adopt: a method which places in the foreground attention, care and respect for the students, whether they are young people enrolled in the bachelor degree course or professionals and managers involved in the different Schools.



President: Prof. Salvatore Veca

Vice President: Remo Grassi

School council: Salvatore Veca (President), Giorgio Bartoli, Andrea Benassi, Francesco Marcelloni, Maria Lina Marcucci, Federico Moro, Paola Pardini, Patricia Tolaini, Sara Vitali

Management council: Salvatore Veca (President), Remo Grassi (Vice President), Andrea Benassi (Managing Director), Fulvio Calia, Enrica Lemmi, Maria Giulia Pacini, Silvia Vinci


Degree Courses Academic Board President: Prof.ssa Enrica Lemmi

Tourism Degree Courses: Valentina Giannessi

Secretarial staff of Tourism Degree Courses: Chiara Nicolai, Martina Bertacchi

Vocational Courses: Lucia Benvenuti, Anna Sirolla

Career Service: Simone Bigongiari, Federica Nannini, Aurora Cuddemi

Study and Research Center: Corrado Del Bò, Aurora Cuddemi

Language School: Elisabetta Rocchi, Matilde Pellegrineschi

Administration Manager: Antonio Abatangelo

Administration: Manuela Milli, Carla Paoli

Logistics: Maria Giulia Pacini, Laura Pellicci, Federica Citti

Computer Services: Stefano Lombardi

Reception: Tommaso Cerrai, Giulio Calissi

Press Office: Virginia Torriani


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Fondazione Campus is proud member of Network HOSCO