FSE Courses

The Fondazione Campus organizes professional education courses financed by the European Social Fund (FSE). 
The most recent courses in progress are listed in the following table:

Name of the courseNo. of studentsDurationPeriodLeaflet

Project and Implementation Technician for Artisanal Food Processes using Local Products in the Gastronomic Tradition 

20800 hours

March '14 February '15

Passepartout38250 hoursOctober '13 
August '14
PDF 371Kb
Communication in museums12300 hours of which 90 of trainingOctober '13 
August '14
PDF 251Kb
Restaurant management and the enhancement of local productions10370 hours of which115 of trainingOctober '12 
May '13
PDF 436 Kb
Hospitality management15900 hours of which 400 of training12.11 - 10.12PDF 315 Kb
Technician for planning and elaboration of Energy saving systems12673 hours of which 200 of training01.11 - 10.11PDF 200 Kb
Information and georeferentiation technology for the communication of the cultural heritage12420 hours of which 150 of training01.11 - 10.11PDF 459 Kb