The Fondazione Campus is the headquarters of the Engineering, Architecture, and Cultural Heritage School to promote the development of a center for higher education in the areas of civil and construction Engineering, Architecture and Cultural Heritage in Tuscany and Italy and to promote educational and research activities for professionals, technicians and operators.

Safety, sustainability and the comfort of the buildings, the reduction of Energy consumption, the recyclability of construction materials and the reversibility of the interventions, the preservation of property having a high architectural and cultural value, the livability and availability of the fabrications by the inhabitants, the completion, maintenance and management of the infrastructure networks are only some of the topics studied and analyzed.




Alexandra Andresen - Register Scuderie del Quirinale  
Piero Baratono – Infrastructures Ministry  
Franco Braga - La Sapienza University Roma  
Edda Bresciani – Professor Emeritus University of Pisa  
Angelo Bugatti - University of Pavia  
Alberto Burghignoli - La Sapienza University Roma 
Gian Michele Calvi - Eucentre Pavia  
Romano Paolo Coppini - University of Pisa  
Fabio Fantozzi - University of Pisa  
Luigi Ficacci – Cultural Heritage Superintendent Bologna  
Diego Carlo Lo Presti - University of Pisa  
Giorgio Monti - La Sapienza University Roma  
Gianni Royer Carfagni - University of Parma