Study and Research Center

The Fondazione Campus’ Study and Research Center – founded in 2008 by a group of scholars from the Universities of Pisa, Milan Bicocca, Pavia and Lugano and by qualified professionals in the field – carries out research activities in a multidisciplinary and international prospective in the area of tourism and, more generally, in the ’cultural heritage of the territory’ (local development, art, cultural management).

The Center’s strong point is to develop a synergy between university education and managerial formation. As a consequence, the Center offers educational activities in the conviction that the way to do business with a level of excellence is achieved only through the relation between the above mentioned instruments (research and managerial activities).

Coordinated by Prof. Enrica Lemmi, the Center collaborates with a team of specialized researchers, who study the territory and tourism in their multiple aspects.



The Center carries out its activities through a methodology based on the following prominent points: multidisciplinary, internationalization, networking, laboratory use, empirical verifications, continuous exchange of ideas with public and private players, models of quantitative measurement.

The Center is interested in developing research projects pertinent to the study of governance, developmental policies and enhancement and promotion of the territory’s resources.



The Study and Research Center reunites diversified competences in the following subject areas:

  • Cultural heritage
  • Communication and media
  • Law
  • Marketing
  • Territorial systems
  • Management and Tourism



The consulting activity of the Center of Study and Research is aimed at the public and private players that find themselves managing the complexity of the tourism phenomenon.
The main services include:

  • Activation and management of Tourism Surveys
  • Shared activities for the definition of the statistical indicators with reference to the sustainability and competitiveness of tourist destinations
  • Benchmarking
  • Database and data analysis management
  • Study of the tourism supply and demand
  • Analysis of tourist flow
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Web marketing


To view or download the publications please write to centroricerche(at)

Title: Progettazione e Gestione di Sistemi
Author: Jean-Pierre Lozato-Giotart e Michel Balfet (edizione italiana a cura di Alessandro Capocchi)
Pages: 430
Price: € 39,00
Title: Dallo “spazio consumato” ai luoghi ritrovati. Verso una geografia del turismo sostenibile.
Author: Enrica Lemmi
Pages: 240
Price: € 23,50
Title: Analisi del Turismo nel Comune di Forte dei Marmi (2008)
Author: Centro Studi e Ricerche della Fondazione Campus
Pages: 28
Title: Soddisfazione del cliente e creazione di valore: un’indagine empirica nell’industria alberghiera (2009)
Author: Centro Studi e Ricerche della Fondazione Campus
Pages: 38

Title: Mediterraneo, primavera araba e turismo. Nuovi scenari di frammentazione territoriale
Author: Enrica Lemmi e Andrea Chieffallo
ISBN: 978-88-204-0848-0
Price: € 24,50

Title: 2° Rapporto sul mercato delle Corporate University in Italia
Author: Centro Studi e Ricerche della Fondazione Campus
Pages: 124


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